Sinusoidal eye.Related: Wave, Eye

Sinusoidal eye.

Related: Wave, Eye

Sinusoidal smoke.Related: Wave

Sinusoidal smoke.

Related: Wave

Foldable fractal.Related: Fractal,  Abstract Creatures

Foldable fractal.

Related: Fractal,  Abstract Creatures

Ortogonal fractal space.Related: Fractal

Ortogonal fractal space.

Related: Fractal

Cuadrangular structures.Related: Fractal, Abstract Creatures, Square

Cuadrangular structures.

Related: FractalAbstract Creatures, Square

2500 avatars.Did you find your 10x10px?”Light Processes" over the 2500 followers mark, and you are all in this GifThank you all.

2500 avatars.

Did you find your 10x10px?

Light Processes" over the 2500 followers mark, and you are all in this Gif

Thank you all.

Triangular structures.Related :Fractal, Abstract Creatures, Triangle

Triangular structures.

Related :Fractal, Abstract Creatures, Triangle

Hexagonal pixels
Related : 6

Hexagonal pixels

Related : 6

Circular trip (II)Related: Circular, Fractal, 6

Circular trip (II)

Related: CircularFractal6

Circular tripRelated: Circular, Fractal, 6

Circular trip

Related: CircularFractal6

Related: Fractal, 6


Related: Fractal, 6

HelixRelated: Stripes


Related: Stripes

_Point waves waved Related: Wave.

_Point waves waved 

Related: Wave.

Fractal matrix over fractal matrixRelated: Fractal

Fractal matrix over fractal matrix

Related: Fractal

_ BeingRelated: Abstract Creatures, Mandalas, 6

_ Being

Related: Abstract Creatures, Mandalas, 6